ARacer RC Super2 will completely replace the OEM ECU on your Kawasaki Z125Pro

This will eliminate all the issues that may occur while tunning with the OEM ECU on board.

this is not a Piggy back device.

The Super2 is a 100% Plug and Play device with no additional wiring needed.

Comes with Bluetooth module that communicates with Smart phones or Laptops.

  • Plug and play Kit, no wiring work needed
  • 3D Fuel Map and Ignition timing adjustment
  • Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
  • engine speed limit & Idle rpm adjustment
  • Auto-tune function with aRacer AF1 wideband sensor module installed
  • About 10% power increasing after calibration
  • Quick Shifter adjustment
  • Maximum value record
  • Cooling fan setting
  • Malf code reader


ARacer RC Super2 for Kawasaki Z125 Pro

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