The second generation of the Dynojet Wide Band Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor kit with digital technology.
The WB2 technical features include 0-5V calibrated analog AFR output (connects to external data acquisition device), one-wire rpm hookup, 0-5V analog input (TPS, MAF, boost, etc.), built-in sensor condition test, durable enclosure and wire sheathing for years of trouble-free operation and Dynojet CAN-Link communication to allow for expansion options.
WB2 comes with one Wide Band 2 module, color touch-screen LCD, one Bosch LSU 4.2 Wide Band oxygen sensor, one oxygen sensor cable, one oxygen sensor weld bung, plug and copper washer, two Dynojet CAN-Link port seals, three wire T-taps, one terminal strip plug, two dual-lock strips, one alcohol swab, three zip ties, two Dynojet decals and installation instructions.
May not be legal for street use in CA

Dynojet Wide Band-2 W/Pod300 Dis 15-7024

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