RacingBros Adjustable Front Fork Kit for Honda Grom / Monkey125 allows you to adjust the ride height, compression and rebound rates on the Grom front suspension/fork. Adjustment is made easy with access from the top of the fork! Highly recommended for all types of riders/racers and for those who are canyon carve during the weekend! RacingBros engineered and built their Front Fork Kit specifically for the Grom!/Monkey. One of the best fork kit you could purchase for all-around performance!

The front fork kit will also fit GEN 2 2017+ Honda Grom 125 as well. Spacers are included.

Spring rate reference:

  • 5.5N/mm fork spring: for under 195lbs rider

  • 6.5N/mm fork spring: between 190lbs-285lbs rider

  • 7.5N/mm fork spring: for above 280lbs rider

Honda Grom OEM spring rate is 0.40 kg/mm ( ~3.9n/mm)

Professional installation is highly recommended. Special tools are needed to install the RacingBros Front Fork Kits.

HRP offers front suspension installation service , the customer will have to provide a core of a set of Honda Grom/Monkey front forkz in order for us to install the Front Damping kit .

Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, please contact us for schedulling a service and more information.

Buyer most cover shippings costs for both way.

Honda Monkey/Grom Racing Bros Front fork kit adjustable

Fork Service, must supply OEM shocks
  • RacingBros Adjustable Front Fork Kit for Honda Grom / Monkey 125! These kits will fit the 2nd Gen 2017-up Honda Grom's as well. The RacingBros Adjustable FFK is ride-height adjustable on both sides, rebound adjustable on one side, and dampening adjustable on the other! Quickly adjust your forks to your desired riding style or tune it for different tracks!

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